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My mission as “The Dementia Whisperer” and as an internationally recognized dementia care expert is to change the world in the way in which all memory care services are provided to those who suffer from various memory care impairments. I want to give meaning and purpose to those diagnosed with dementia or memory impairment—as well as give families a peace of mind and understanding that there is enhanced quality of life for, as well as improved quality of relationships, with their loved ones.

My vision as an innovative dementia care expert is to provide families and professional caregivers with information and practical tips to help them navigate the various challenges that are common when caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or any dementia or memory loss.

As A Visionary for Change I Actively "Practice What I Teach" by:

  • Guiding, supporting, mentoring and acting as a change agent;
  • Challenging poor practices appropriately;
  • Promoting the wellbeing and quality of life for anyone diagnosed with any cause of dementia symptoms;
  • Presenting and encouraging an individualized approach;
  • Becoming the model for good practice;
  • Supporting family members to enhance their wellbeing and enable them to continue in their caring role. 

There are several opportunities to hire Laura. For additional information about the program, please call 866-947-7773 or email

Keynote Speaker:  

  • Ms. Wayman is an exceptional speaker and presenter and available to present at conferences, corporate & non-profit events.

Professional Series:  

  • Onsite Facility/Agency Training and ongoing Consulting Services
  • Online Professional Caregiver Trainings
  • Educational Seminar Events for Professional Care Providers, Family Caregivers and Community Serieson “Becoming Dementia Aware” 
  • Dementia Care Practitioner Certification
  • Support Group Facilitator

**Continuing Education/CE’s available, accredited by the State of California Board of Nursing.  

Family Advocate and Counselor:

  • Available for one-on-one, Family Group or Individual Counseling

Books and DVD's:

  • A Loving Approach to Dementia Care Published by Johns Hopkins University Press 1st and 2nd editions
  • Educational Training DVD's and online trainings also available for the Family and Professional Caregiver





Roseville, CA

(866) 947-7773

To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.
— Dr. Seuss


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Read this testimonial: "Dementia is a sad and awful disease and the its journey can be long, scary and lonely – both for the person and the caregiver. This is how I felt as my mother’s dementia progressed. Feeling desperate after exhausting my known local resources, I decided to take a chance and reach out to Laura after reading her book “A Loving Approach to Dementia Care.” I sent Laura a simple email sharing my concerns and need for support to develop a plan, not really expecting to have a response for a week or so. Laura responded back to me in three hours, with words of understanding and willingness to define a care plan. Our dialog the next morning began with her simply listening to my story, my feelings and my questions. I knew after those first 15 minutes that I was no longer alone. Together that day, I learned to reposition my mindset, to redefine “caring” from my mother’s perspective (calm, confident and present) and how to enable real and practical steps to best support my mother. No two dementia journeys are the same and yet we can learn from one another and gain strength from reaching out and sharing both successes and challenges. Laura’s book and council changed my perspective and I will continue to look to her in the future for expertise, support and kindness." - Dana